See how it solves your business problems

Issuing time:2018-07-31 10:03Author:欧悦Source:欧悦自动化科技有限公司Link:http://看它如何解决你的企业问题

As a printing company, are you suffering from these problems?

1. The printing master is difficult to ask, the printing workers have high wages and the printing cost is large!

2. Manual printing is not accurate due to the workers' reasons, and the printing effect is not good!

3. The wide variety of products, only the elliptical machine is only suitable for printing a part, so that customers do not place orders!

4. Already have a flat mesh belt guide, but you should always play a small sample, complement. Seriously affect production efficiency!

5. There is already a digital printing machine, but it is only suitable for printing small batches. The printing volume is inefficient and the competition is not the opponent!

6. Traditional manual printing cannot work for a long time, affecting efficiency and failing to complete the delivery on time. The customer was taken away by the competitor!

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