Which is the best automatic screen printing machine?

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After years of development, Dongguan Ouyue Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has become a one-stop service and one-stop procurement company in the printing industry. Specialized automatic screen printing machine, pad printing machine production, providing customers with home repair service.

The company has long been focused on the design, development, production, and sales of products such as automatic screen printing machine equipment. Specializes in designing and customizing all kinds of standard automatic screen printing machine equipment. At the same time, it is committed to providing all-round, first-class silk screen printing technology solutions for international famous brands.

After several years of development, Dongguan Ou Yue has rapidly grown into one of the more large-scale automatic screen printing machine manufacturers in South China. At the same time, with the company's long-established sales system, excellent quality and good reputation, the products were once exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The annual sales volume is in the forefront of the industry and has become a leading company in the industry. One.

Our aim

Our products are produced in strict accordance with a set of scientific and reasonable procedures, which effectively guarantee the unity and stability of the products.

In addition to strict monitoring of product production, we pay more attention to product improvement and technological innovation. Through the problems found in the sales and production process, the company has continuously improved the original products based on the feedback information from customers. At the same time, using the existing advanced equipment, we constantly introduce new products to meet the needs of the market.

Five-star service

According to the market demand, the company has a certain reserve of various specifications and models, and has a considerable order production capacity, which can complete order delivery at the fastest speed. We have a dedicated marketing department and after-sales service department. Based on the principle of “integrity management, service first”, we provide customers with quality services such as pre-sales consultation and after-sales technical support, and try our best to ensure the interests of customers and maintain long-term friendly cooperation with each other. . As a result, we have gained recognition and trust from more and more customers.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with all people with lofty ideals and hope that our friends can give us good opinions and suggestions! Let Hengchuang continue to grow in the expectation of everyone!

After years of hard work, our customers have expanded to the entire Pearl River Delta region in the Yangtze River Delta region. Serving thousands of companies.

All staff of Ouyue will work harder to win your trust with good quality and hope to get your support and love. We will cherish every opportunity for cooperation with you to achieve win-win cooperation and work together to create brilliant!

main products

Automatic screen printing machine, pad printing machine, spreader, printing frame, oven

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